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Vacuum packaging machine

Vacuum packaging machine
Application: 适用范围: 这套设备由给袋式全自动365体育app官方版下载与液体、酱体灌装机配套而成,主要适用于果汁、番茄酱、调味酱、辣椒酱、洗手液、洗涤剂等液体、酱体物料的自动计量包装。
Technical parameter:


1, Automatic Rotary Vacuum Packaging Machine consists of two separate  rotary body composition (it ` s the filling system and vacuum systems).

2, Easy to operate : Adopts touch screen and PLC controlled, human-machine interface operating system, visual and easy to operate.

3, Easy to adjust: Really achieve fully automated. Simply enter the required parameters from the man-machine interface, all part of the packaging machine can be adjusted to the required command portion.

4, High degree of automation operation, can reach full automatic  vacuum  requirements, unmanned in weighing and packaging process. Lt has failure alarm system.

5, Perfect the prevention system, intelligently detects whether the bag open and open completely, in the case of inappropriate feeding is not  feeding and no sealing. Do not waste bags and material, cost savings.

6, The equipment conform to hygiene standards in food processing machines, the equipment parts touch food made of 304 stainless steel meet the hygiene requirements for food processing, and ensure food hygiene and safety, meet with GMP standards.

7, Use premade bags, high sealing quality, improve finished product quality.

8, Applicable packaging materials range, matching a variety of measurement, small fish, pickles, roasted nuts, spicy puffed food, liquids and other materials for packaging.




Packing range(bag size):

W:70-220mm L:80-300mm

Filling range:


Packing precision:


Packing speed:

35-60bags/min(depending on the product features and filling weight)

Machine weight:


Total power:

4kw(not include vacuum pump)

Power supply:

3-phase AC380V 50Hz (can be customized)

Cooling water:

15-20 3 liters/min(recommended with cooler)

Machine dimensions(L*W*H):

2700mm*2200mm*1600mm(without elevator)

Air consumption:

About 0.4/min(compressed air provided by the user)