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Vibration device

Vibration device
Application: 适用范围: 这套设备由给袋式全自动365体育app官方版下载与液体、酱体灌装机配套而成,主要适用于果汁、番茄酱、调味酱、辣椒酱、洗手液、洗涤剂等液体、酱体物料的自动计量包装。
Technical parameter: Why did you choose to order food machinery Xuguang machinery? Because we are factory direct production, according to customer requirements you tailor-made for your product. At the same time to ensure the quality, we have an absolute advantage in both inside and outside the price you will really feel cost-effective products and quality services.
Features: durable performance and low noise and maintenance free features loved by customers, and all stainless steel easy assembly and disassembly, cleaning.
Material: 304 stainless steel; 201 stainless steel; carbon steel.
Service: we will not let customers buy will not use the machine, on machine installation, usage, we will have a screen to provide customers with. Let customers buy at ease, with the peace of mind, is responsible for our responsibility.
Product parameters:
1 special custom double outlet vibrator
2 stainless steel
3 greater throughput
4 greater feed
Type of chute feeder
Rated transmission capacity 300-500 (kg/h) transport distance 0.5 (m)
Hopper capacity 300L (kg) storage tank capacity 300L (kg) power 0.3 (kw)
Dimensions 1000 (mm) weight of 300 (kg) applicable to the field of food, chemical, pharmaceutical, daily necessities