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XG8-200Y-Liquid, paste type metering packaging machine

XG8-200Y-Liquid, paste type metering packaging machine
Application: 适用范围: 这套设备由给袋式全自动365体育app官方版下载与液体、酱体灌装机配套而成,主要适用于果汁、番茄酱、调味酱、辣椒酱、洗手液、洗涤剂等液体、酱体物料的自动计量包装。
Technical parameter: Products overview:
This machine specially designed the ironing, so that the sealing is flat and level without a wrinkle. The bag have a complete pattern, a good quality sealing and very low bag broken rate, can save a lot of bags, in production can be adjusted according to actual needs in a certain range, the quick change of packaging specifications. Adopts advanced plastic spraying technology or adopts full stainless steel material, machine parts in contact with the material and packaging are made to meet the requirements of food hygiene materials processing, guarantee the health and safety of food, high standard, corrosion resistant, long service life of equipment.
Second, the performance and features:
1, liquid automatic type packing machine adopts advanced PLC and POD operation interface (touch screen), the whole process of automation control, easy to operate.
2, packaging machine control measuring machine release material movement, do not waste materials; An empty bag sealing to prevent the device control air bags sealing, do not waste bags.
3, adjust the bag wide used motor control, hold down the control button clip width adjustment of each machine, easy to operate, save time.
4, the safety device: when the work pressure is not normal or heating tube failure, alarm prompt.
5, packaging a wide range, by selecting different meter, can be applied to the liquid, granules, paste, powder, irregular lumps or other materials packaging.
6, with fluid mixing device, prevent precipitation, micro particle material with liquid level control device.
Third, scope of application:
The device to the bag fully automatic packaging machine, liquid and sauce filling machine, mainly suitable for fruit juice, tomato sauce, sauce, chili sauce, hand sanitizer, detergent liquid and paste materials such as automatic metering packaging.
Four, related parameters:
Production line: to bag packing machine, liquid (paste) meter
Measuring equipment: liquid, paste filling machine, high mixing cylinder, the ground storage tank
Bag type: self-reliance bag (with zipper and without zipper), flat bag (3 autoregulating, four autoregulating, tote bags, zipper bags), paper compound bag, etc.
Packet size: bag width: 100-210 - mm bag length: 100-350 - mm (can be customized according to customer's requirement)
Measuring range: 5-1500 - g (can be customized according to customer requirements) packing speed: 25-40 bales/points (its speed is determined by the product itself and the filling weight)
Packing accuracy: + / - 1%
Voltage/power, three-phase 380 v, 50 hz / 60 hz 5 kw
The compressed air consumption: 0.6 m3 / min (provided by the user)
Packaging forms: heat sealing note: need to choose according to type bag, bag size parameters such as different types of packaging machine.